OPTIC presentations at the European Transport Conference 2010 in Glasgow

Two conference sessions at the European Transport Conference 11-13 October 2010 in Glasgow was dedicated to dissemination of findings from the OPTIC transport research project. Below you find links to the presentations.






These are the headlines of the two OPTIC sessions: 

Tuesday 12. October

14:00-16:00, Session 5

Limitations of Transport Policies and Perspectives of Policy Packaging
Chair: Nils Fearnley, Institute of Transport Economics (TØI)

Unintended effects of transport policies
H Gudmundsson and C H Sørensen, DTU, J Åkerman, KTH; N Fearnley and A H Hoff, TØI; M Givoni and J Macmillen, UOXF;

From individual policies to policy packaging
M Givoni, J Macmillen and D Banister, Oxford TSU

Handling risk and irreversibility of transport interventions
F Ramjerdi, N Fearnley, TØI; M Givoni, J Macmillen, Oxford TSU

16:30-18:30, Session 6
Early Identification of Adverse Policy Effects and Possible Remedy Strategies
Chair: Nils Fearnley, Institute of Transport Economics (TØI),

Expect the unexpected: qualitative and quantitative tools and and models to detect unintended effects of transport policy measures
A Justen, A Hoeltl, DLR; J Schippl and T Fleischer, KIT,

Best Practice in Policy Packaging Design
F Kressler, ATE; V Fencl, CDV,

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