Research for optimal transport policy

About OPTIC: Optimal Policies for Transport in Combination (OPTIC) is a research project under EU´s seventh framework programme.

OPTIC will help improve and optimise the use of existing infrastructure through more efficient, combined use of policy tools, and encompasses best practices within different fields of transport policy making.

The project includes:

• Critical reviews of existing studies and theories about policy measures.

• Improvement to existing models and assessment tools in reflecting such interactions, taking into account the impact on transportation itself and on sosio-economic issues.

• Combined practitioner/research workshops to involve stakeholders to indentify best practices from existing cases of “policy packages”.

The project will consolidate and extend knowledge for policy-making in the process of construction and implementation of optimal packages of transport policy measures.

A strong emphasis on training, dissemination and user involvement is maintained throughout the project through a series of activities including a webpage, a transport conference session, academic publications, target workshops and newswire services.

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